a node connection that is not possible in Vuo 2

in this screen capture video (no audio) I show how a node connection I had created in a comp built using Vuo 1.x still works when the comp is opened in Vuo 2 but is no longer possible to make as a new connection in Vuo 2 (I show it in the video by disconnecting and then attempting to reconnect) ;

I easily found another (probably better and more flexible) way to achieve the same result, and I suspect this behavior is perhaps expected(?) as a result of intentional changes to Vuo, so I didn’t report it as a bug, but I figured I’d post it just in case


you can’t join “List Files” output to “Fetch image” input, as data types are different. The first is “List of text elements”, the latter is “Text”. In the original composition you have in between a “get random item from list” node (that gets incorporated in the cable). When you erase the cable, you’re erasing this node too. To reconnect, you should put another “get random item from list” before the “Fetch image” node.


actually, as the video shows, the Filetype for the list is set to “Image”, but I guess in the previous version would kind of offer to insert the “get random item” node as an option while connecting… in any case I was able to go find some nodes to help me make the connection, but the behavior is definitely different than the previous version

Same as this Bug Report , some automatic suggestions are gone in Vuo 2

Yes, this bug will be fixed in Vuo 2.0.