A shortcut key to close the Node Library (say Escape) and an auto-close preference

When working without a ext. display I find I need the Node Library closed whenever I’m not actually inserting a node.

In QC there’s a preference to auto-close the Library when you hit Return to insert a patch onto the canvas (or drag it over I guess would be good to) which is very useful. Unnecessary mouse gestures repeated over and over are time wasting basically, and it’s a noticeable effort for me to close it all the time.

So a preference for auto closing and also a keyboard shortcut for closing the Library like “esc” key would be a big efficiency gain for not too much coding drama. Also not crazy about the node going to the pointer location which is often under the Library if using the mouse to select the node. So having options for effortlessly closing Library will help with that too.

Yes I like that. The feature request already exists, it’s Option to hide Node Library more easily

Perhaps the title of it is not so explicit as this one, although I’d prefer the same shortcut to hide/show the panel instead of esc, beside auto-hide.

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Good point, @Bodysoulspirit. Looks like I already liked it and forgot it was there!

Merged with feature request Option to hide Node Library more easily. Thanks for locating it, @Bodysoulspirit.