Ability to add overhead menu items (such as File > Save) to compositions

A node that ouputs an event when a user clicks save in menu or keyboard shortcut (Vuo editor).

Useful if working with save data nodes and you would like to save your data before closing the Vuo app.

I understand we could already kind of do this with ‘get keyboard‘ but then it wouldn’t work with the file menu.

So you’re proposing that the composition be able to react when you go to Vuo Editor > File > Save (or keyboard shortcut)?

I think it would be more expected, from a composition user’s perspective, to have a Save menu item + shortcut within the composition itself. This would also enable the Save menu to work when running the composition as an app (without Vuo Editor).

Would that solve the problem for you? If so, maybe this feature request could be changed to “Ability to add overhead menu items (such as File > Save) to compositions”.

Yeah @jstrecker! Sounds fantastic! Changed.

Thanks! Opened for voting.

So when running a Vuo composition we would get a save menu? What about if it was a protocol composition? Would we still get that menu when it ran as a composition? (For testing etc)

What we had in mind was a node called Change Menu Display(?) that outputs a Window Property to be fed into a Render * to Window node.

That wouldn’t work for protocol compositions (no access to the window). But there you could use Save Image or whatever for debugging. When running the protocol composition for real (non-debugging), the idea is to transform from inputs to outputs without any side effects such as menus or user interactions.