Ability to disconnect (pin/dock) input editors

Currently when working with input editors (such as the code editor built into Shadertoy node) you need to type into the Input Editor while it is connected to the node, something that could make it difficult to access the Editor when doing many editing operations within the composition.

We are already able to expand and disconnect output ports data, and thus view the data constantly and in realtime. It would be great to be able to do the same with input editors. This would then make it possible to edit Shadertoy code easily, and make changes to multiple nodes concurrently, without having to click on the input editor each time.

Yep !

I like it ! Was my idea to submit that too.
Happens quite often that you have to play with 2/3 nodes to get an effect you want, would be time saving.

In QC you could select multiple nodes and edit their values in the sidebar (not in the inspector).

Somehow related would be to be able to select several ports of several nodes for example of the same data type and be able to change it for all of those in one move ! Going to submit that idea on a separate FR.

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I’m confused though- this sounds like it should have already been a feature request?! Is it already a FR @jstrecker? If so sorry - but find it I could not! :-(

Well I’m doing a +5 pre-vote now!

Opened for voting.

Hope you don’t mind, I took “double-click” out of the title in case there’s a different gesture that would be better. Not sure yet.

Just thinking: this would be super useful for XY pad style input editors! Or any slider type editor as well!