Add 'Off' to Receive Live Video node (and Audio Node)

Hiya folks!

I’m working on some apps which sometimes need video to be on. The Receive Live Video patch does the job nicely. However — it keeps the camera on even if I’m not routing it’s output somewhere, and there’s no way for me to turn it off. This means a) there’s significant system resources being used for something not required b) Could be considered a privacy issue when the camera is on for no reason…AKA kinda creepy to user.

Wondering if we might be able to add a Device called ‘Off’ to the device list in this node. Features:

  • Would not add any complexity to new user
  • Would not require any changes to existing .Vuo files


Just wanted to mention that you can do that now with a few more nodes.

video-off.vuo (2.49 KB)

Oh this is greaaaaaat! Thanks @jmcc

So, do you still want us to open this for voting, or is the workaround enough?

I think it would be great to expose it (via the menu) so people can discover it. So, please keep as feature request :slightly_smiling_face:


The way we would implement this is to add a choice to the Device input port that would allow you to choose a device or to choose None (instead of Off), similar to the current option to choose Default.  

Sounds great, thanks!