Add support for capturing video from Blackmagic devices

Currently Vuo can capture live video from some (or all?) BlackMagic devices using QuickTime. Adding direct support via the BlackMagic API may help reduce latency.

I’m hoping for native BlackMagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder support for a future project.

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For me this the one feature I’m longing for!

It would be cool to have this built-in, but you can achieve the same effect with Black Syphon

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Does anybody know if QT Video method @smokris referred to brings the miniRecorder signal in? I have one and am about to buy a second device, prob another miniRecorder.

Apart from latency how would a native node help? Settings and config? I have votes ready to release on this if it’s a significant improvement or needed.

The BlackSyphon read-me suggests that CPU use is reduced with hard coding thereby avoiding QT method. This feature would provide more functionality for compiled apps too i guess.

I’ve had reasonable success with the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder using the native “Receive Live Video” node. In testing it had 5frame of latency for a 29.97fps clip (so 167ish ms of latency), that was at 1080p over HDMI, not sure if SDI would be faster.

A native Blackmagic node might be nice if it could reduce it to 1-2frames.  


Chosen to be implemented.

Yay implementation!

I now have two Ultrastudio Minirecorders @jstrecker and one issue with them in mimoLive is that they don’t have any MAC address or UUID far as I/Bonix know. So when you reopen a mimoLive file the Source assignments to each Minirecorder are essentially random. It’s not ideal, as you have to go into the Sources tab in mimoLive and reassign them if they loaded in the wrong order.

It could be worth mentioning this fact to BlackMagic Design if you correspond with them. i.e. adding something in the Ultrastudio/Minirecorder Firmware to make them have a unique ID that Vuo can identify in the node and so find again if something drops out or the composition is restarted. Prob BMD will take more notice if it comes from Kosada than me!

Also Bonix say two is the limit of MiniRecorders you can use on one Mac, be interesting to get confirmation that this true (or just a mimoLive thing).  

Greetings, people interested in Blackmagic. We’re testing a small release that includes a new Blackmagic node set for capture and playback. Would you like to help test?

We’re continuing to work on the next major release with a massive heap o’ features, but wanted to make some fixes and improvements available to the community sooner. Hence this small release, Vuo 1.2.7. After several days of testing this 1.2.7 alpha version, and fixing whatever issues are found, we’ll be releasing 1.2.7 for real.

If you have a Blackmagic device, it would be incredibly helpful to us and others in the community if you could test the new nodes! There is such a variety of Blackmagic devices and A/V hardware that can be attached to them, and we’d like to make sure we’re supporting them well.

Supported product lines:

  • DeckLink
  • Intensity
  • UltraStudio
  • Teranex
  • Cinema Camera
  • HyperDeck Studio

If you notice any issues, please submit a bug report.

And finally, would anyone like to make a short video showing how to use Vuo with your Blackmagic device, to help others get started using the Blackmagic nodes?


I have a couple of UltraStudio miniRecorders. Only have one on me ATM as I’m travelling. Can check it with one only this week sometime. If nobody has an UltraStudio Display I could probably borrow one for testing.

Great to see some Vuo activity come to the surface – especially this product feature request which will help pro users and tweakers alike enormously I expect. BMD products open up so anything possibilities previously beyond financial reach for many of us.  


I’ll try when I get the chance! Maybe tuesday if it isn’t too late. We have the ultra studio mini rec for the macs.

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I have tested the new Blackmagic nodes with an Ultrastudio 4k and they work perfectly. I’ve only done the test as input.


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@jandraka, marvelous! Thanks very much!

@MartinusMagneson and @useful_design, if you have a chance to test in the next couple days, that would still be helpful for the 1.2.7 release.

@jstrecker I DL the alpha and demo comps. My TB cable is tied up certifying disks ATM so I just took a look at the example comp that records a movie file to desktop. I used the FaceTime camera and recorded to desktop by QT doesn’t want to open the file.

"QuickTime Player can’t open “
To see if additional software is available that will enable QuickTime Player to open the movie, click Tell Me More.”

Will be back home tomorrow when I should be able to test with two BMD MiniRecorders.

I got something happening with one MiniRecorder, was a bit fickle about giving me a signal at first, especially when I turned camera on a off. Might be a BMD issue, it’s sometimes a juggle getting mimoLive and other apps to see the MiniRecorders at first.

My usual fail safe is to open the Blackmagic video recording software Media Express, but I didn’t need to do that which is great.

Still can’t see file but didn’t check with other apps just native QT app.  

Mini recorder seems to work fine inputting HDMI, tackles loss and return of HDMI signal without restarting the comp, but not the box loosing connection.

Didn’t get SDI input to work in any config (only tried a couple). Pure SDI signal from Resolume via BM Decklink something something.

Thank you both for testing, @MartinusMagneson and @useful_design! The failure to receive video after disconnecting and reconnecting the device was something we had not uncovered in our internal testing, so it’s good that you caught it, @MartinusMagneson. It’ll be fixed in the official 1.2.7 release.  

Officially released in Vuo 1.2.7, and there’s a tutorial video.