Animating a butterfly

It’s been a while since I have dug in with Vuo. I’ve been having a lot of fun this past week, even though I feel like I’m struggling a bit to catch up. Looking good, team Vuo!

Anyway, my issue. In this silly little comp I want to animate the butterfly (subcomp included), so when I click on the screen the butterfly “flies” to the “attractor” sphere. I would love some advice on how to set up some organic looking “attraction” flight paths (for ex., circle/spiral in with bit of randomness or whatever). The part I don’t get is how to account for the sphere controlled by a mouse (or other tracking object) moving at the same time that the butterfly is flying on its path towards the sphere. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had already solved the problem, but I couldn’t find any examples.

Before that, however, I have an issue to sort out – in this preliminary setup, I simply want the butterfly to continue on it’s circular path after the mouse is released. However, I can’t figure out how to get the Y rotation to “reset” properly when the mouse is released.

Forgive me if this is covered. As I said, I do feel like I’m playing catch up right now. (601 KB)

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Maybe the joined composition is closer to what you’re trying to achieve.

If you want more random movement on the join-the-clicked attractor thing you could try to insert some Brownian-like motion to it like Jaymie’s example here : Add Brownian noise function to Make Gradient Noise although I think it already looks kinda natural.

PS : For people wanting to help you more on this I have removed the butterfly from the sub-composition, until local sub-compositions are implemented, having to instal & relaunch sub-compositions and update paths (you had the wings images in a folder on the desktop) just for testing is so time consuming.  

Butterfly (188 KB)

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Thanks, @Bodysoulspirit! Can’t wait to have a look. I wasn’t sure about the best way to handle the butterfly subcomp, and, oh yes, I forgot about making sure the path to images was set to load with minimal effort… I, too, appreciate those things…

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Very nice solution, plenty to work with. Thank you for your help.

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