appending list

I am making a composition that maintains a list.
So when the comp runs the goal is to be able to fill out a form, and add these values as new rows to an existing list.

I am having trouble in appending the list on a new row - instead the appended data is being added to an existing row and not starting a new one - which is what I would expect.

Any ideas on how to force a new row, each time the form is filled out??

Appreciate any help


make_my_list.vuo (8.89 KB)

this is also reproducible in the example comp “Record mouse clicks to CSV” - when you change the save data node from “Don’t save” to “append” - then save multiple times, you see that data is appended on the end op the last row, instead of on a new row at the bottom of the list, leaving the list in tact…  

Hi @carlitos,

I see two ways of solving your issue.

First, you could add a line break before the new line you want to append to the file.

Second way, you should hold the actual table, add the new row to the table and finally overwrite the file rewriting all the infos.

Here is the modified patch developing the second idea.



make_my_list.vuo (9.22 KB)


Thanks Michele!! - neat.

  • and how would I add a break? I found ascii but does not seem to behave they way I expect…

  • the problem is that I need to add lines to an existing file, in with case I would still need to add a break before the first additional row can be written  


this is how to do it.

In an input field (in this case, number 1 of “Texts” field of “Append Text” node), you simply hold “alt” while pressing enter, to input the enter key.

Probably would be better to put the end of line at the end, not at the beginning of the new line.



make_my_list (1).vuo (8.77 KB)

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yes, ah that is a better way for me, perfect… thank you Michele!!