I have a question, does ASUS kinect sensor work in Vuo? Or is it for Kinect X box only?
Im trying to load it in Track skeleton composition but cannot get it to work.

Thank you for any advice

Only Kinect V1 and V2 to get images in Vuo but no joint positions directly.
You will also require NI Mate to get the joint positions via osc, which has sadly been deprecated and is no longer available.
There are now quite a few softwares which use a normal camera and AI to interpret the joint positions.


Hi Joe,
thanks for the answer, Right,so its Kinect only…I still keep Ni Mate 1 and 2 version and use it to mocap into Blender occasionally, its still working.
But couldnt get it working in vuo with Asus.

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Yeah, glad to hear you have NImate. I’ve never tried the Asus Xtion device but it looks like at least the first version did work with NImate.
Does NImate see the sensor?
Good luck.

Yes it does, as soon as you plug it, it comes up with ‘Calibrating’ message and its ready for use

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Does it have the same joints and osc addresses as the Kinect?
See here for a bit of info about addresses etc:
Maybe you will need to build an OSC skeleton receiver yourself in Vuo.

Hi Joe, thanks for your help but I dropped the idea after all. I wanted to use it for my upcoming AV Live, but its too much hassle. Maybe I will still try with Z vector, I think I had a demo version somewhere