Audio pops and clicks

Hi all. Loving Vuo so far, and slowly getting to grips with it.

Ive built an audio player for a project with 4 separate players. Each one has a start/stop , pan and volume fader…all of which work great, and fundamentally it working. However, I have an issue where if I start another player while one is playing , it clicks as it starts / stops ( which seems to follow pan postion so seems to be ‘within individual player’ )

I know about zero crossings etc, and 100% all the audio files are clean starts with no clicks and have fade ins/outs built in so its not on the audio. I suspect its some form of clocking issue as the player clunks into system clock. Anyone have any experience on how to fix this? Currently its unusabe for what I need it for.

I will say aswell that the app will drop out if anything else goes on in the mac, like i change programs while its running and it loses focus. I guess this is fair enough, but i use plenty of other apps that don’t so would love a fix if possible.


Are there any visuals in your Vuo patch? If it’s an audio-only project, you might try something like Plogue Bidule instead of Vuo. If it’s an audio and video project, can you post your Vuo file so that we can see what’s going on?

Audio only other than faders etc. Ill check out plogue.

Ive tried syncing via fire at audio rate aswell… so all event go through an 'allow first event ’ timed to audio and still no joy. Player attached. Youll need to add a folder of audio into the list section  

Random Audio Player 3.vuo (41 KB)