Audio/Video playback in exported app

Hi, i’m just getting started and wanted to test a simple audio/video playback interaction in a standalone app, it works fine in the editor, but the exported version just sits there unresponsive, how can i work this out (zero programming skills).

Hi, @luciano12. Have you copied your audio and movie files into the exported app? Currently when you export an app, you have to copy the resources into the app yourself — check out section 7.4 of the manual. In Vuo 1.0 (coming next week), it will automatically copy resources into your exported app, so you won’t have to do this anymore.

If you’ve already copied the resources into the app, you can troubleshoot it by running Console (in Applications > Utilities) and selecting “All Messages”, then running the exported app. It should show some error messages if it’s having trouble loading the resources.