Audio visualisation, Harpex style

Harpex is a process that deals with spatial audio. In the GUI, there’s a nice audio visualizer and I would like to make something similar or inspired by it with Vuo. This video gives an idea (the fun starts at 40 secs):

So a “sound” is visualized, more or less, by a cloudy dot: the audio amplitude is represented the size of the cloudy dot and the audio frequency by the color of the cloudy dot. The visualization is also spatially aware. If I was to make a stereo version, the cloudy dot would follow the sound: a left only sound would be on the left of the screen, a right sound on the right, and a sound with equal amplitude in both channels would be in the center.

Does Vuo have the right nodes to build something similar? If so, what would be these nodes?

The attached composition would be one starting point. It makes the cloudy dot with Make Random Points Object -> Render Scene to Image -> Blend Image with Feedback. It places the cloudy dot based on left/right channel input.

You could probably achieve something closer to the cloudy-dot look from the video by playing with image filter nodes.

You could represent audio frequency with color by using Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies or Split Audio by Frequency -> Calculate Loudness.

harpex-imitation.vuo (6.26 KB)

You could probably achieve something closer to the cloudy-dot look from the video by playing with image filter nodes.

Or maybe use Make Oval Layer with the Sharpness turned down, and Copy Layer to get multiple of them.

OK, thanks for the cues and the composition, I will check that out.

This is what I have, sorta Harpex-like:
Random Annoyance on Vimeo  


@kewl well done sir.


@Kewl – Love it! Would you be willing to share your composition? Or further tips?

Thanks! It evolved into Waiting for Domo, and there’s a newer version coming along. Since this composition is the basis for an eventual show, I’ll keep it to myself for now. But I’ll be glad to answer specific questions that you might have.
Waiting for Domo on Vimeo  

@Kewl did you end up using ovals with copy layers or stick with Make Random Points Object?

It took me most of the afternoon but I was able to figure out a way to convert Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies real list data into a single integer as a “frequency variable” to adjust x or y parameters for a single 3D object. I am now trying to work in some more algorithmic approaches to generating points using parametric equations that can be affected by this frequency variable but it doesn’t seem to be the most efficient way of going about it so if you have any tips that would be most appreciated.  

Move-Sphere-X-To-Frequency.vuo (12.8 KB)

I actually never tried Make Random Points Object: it’s all oval layers, no copies. I simplified the audio input part of your composition.

Move-Sphere-X-To-Frequency dc.vuo (13 KB)

Thanks @kewl. Strange the .vuo composition you uploaded appears to be the same as the one I uploaded. What nodes did you change?

Check the audio input part.

I see it, that was the same as @jstrecker harpex-imitation.vuo composition. The part that I am trying to wrap my head around is how to create many points or objects from the “calculate amplitude for frequencies” node output real list that are positioned around a sphere and then their individual placement on that sphere is adjusted according to their frequency and amplitude.

@cymaspace around a circle check my Eclipse EQ in the Composition Gallery. For 3D however around a sphere, either you would have to create a sphere and use Karl Henkel’s Get Mesh Node (see the node gallery and his Github but I’m having a bug with it in the last alpha version 1.2.6 a1), or use a parametric node to create a list of points around a sphere.

Then you have to do the math to make them move, I managed that around the circle in the composition I stated above, the math for 3D should be a bit different.

Waiting for Domo, version 2 on Vimeo  


With a Shadertoy as mask:


Very nice ! Looks like some kind of Nebulae ;)

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I really like the waiting for Domo Version.
Would you maybe share this comp. for a little money withe me?

I’m a VJ from Germany and just started with Vuo a few days a go.
Would really appreciate if you share this Version of your Visuals with me.