Automatically install and update 3rd-party nodes

This will be a bit long, and probably a bit boring tech-wise. Just watched the processing 3 introduction, and the one thing that stood out (to me at least) was the new contribution manager. It lists, downloads and updates all official libraries, modes and examples within P3.

I would love to see something similar inside Vuo, although with a few differences. If a different kind of license management is implemented, where you log on to Vuo at first startup (Bitwig does this) it could also be linked to your installed library of custom/3rd party nodes through an extension manager. Then you could get update notifications through Vuo instead of forgetting to check your library from time to time. Searching for a specific tool would also become a bit easier. Since it would be contained in Vuo itself, it wouldn’t break up workflow in the same way as moving between Vuo, the comp gallery and Finder. When you have your base setup, this would then follow your login (also unlock pro from a basic/demo version) and pull down your selected nodes from the web/cloud.

If there also would be an option to sync/store your compositions/custom nodes to the cloud (dropbox/icloud/microsoft), you’d also be ready and set with your tools, your compositions and whatever else you’re used to simply by starting Vuo and logging in for the first time on a new computer.

In addition, since a license management system would then be in place, bought nodes featured through Vuo could be managed through this system as well.

In short, just start Vuo, log in, and all the stuff you’re used to is there.

I know this is probably a bit much programming and structure-wise for the Vuo team, but maybe something to keep in mind for v2.

Back in the old days, KinemeCore did something like that — you could enable composition repository sync, which would automatically download virtual macro patches from, so you could easily have the latest community-driven features available. I’m interested in exploring / going beyond that in Vuo.

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

Thanks! Workflow enhancements are usually not what people notice, but can make a huge impact on the ease of use.