Batch export node / feature

To be able to export multiple videos during a render. For example if you had different effects applied to the same scene or different camera perspectives. You could route the image output to multiple outputs and when render is pressed each is rendered out independently.
(Possibly incremental indexing should be used for naming: Foobar & Foobar etc.)

I’ve opened this feature request for community voting.

Perhaps we could add a new protocol called Image List Generator, then the Export dialog could give you the choice between exporting to separate movie files, or exporting a single movie file with multiple video tracks.

Alternatively, perhaps we could add an interface that allows you to queue up multiple exports, each with their own set of published input port values. Then you could publish Render Scene to Image’s Camera Name input, and each render could pick a different camera. (You can already do this with the command-line vuo-export app.)