Best way to turn nodes on and off

In trying to make sure my composition is optimized, I’d like to be able to shut off nodes when they are not in use.

For instance, nodes like “Send NDI Video”, I’d like to toggle it on and off on demand and avoid spending processing time on it when it isn’t in use.

Is there a best practice way to do this in Vuo?

Nodes like that seem to become idle “automatically”??

What is the trigger? In my case I feed their image input with a “select input” node, where the default input is just a black image… and when I trace events it never seems to activate anyway? Once it receives the other input, with active image frames, it “wakes up”, so just what is going on? :thinking:

I mean, it is doing what I hoped for, but I don’t understand why. :grinning:  

Hi @Tryll,

and welcome to the Vuo community.

In general, if you post the problematic composition when you look for help in this forum, it’s easier to support and solve your issue.

However nodes are idle as soon as they don’t receive an event. Events are what drive the computation flow inside the composition. A node that is not hit by an event, simply does not run.

Probably the best thing you could do is read the documentation, and this part in particular, to get the basic. It’s clear and easy reading. Please come back to the forum whenever you have still issues.




Thank you.

I don’t really have an issue. I’ve read the docs. My application with hundreds of nodes works fine. I understand events - but perhaps not how to trace them very well yet. Particularly when they are being carried on the thicker “data cables”.

Like I said at the outset, I’m just looking for any best practices I might be using.

No worries. I’ve got it. Back to your regularly scheduled ghost town. :ghost: