Best way to work with video files in Vuo + Qlab

What is more reliable and efficient way to work with video files having Vuo and Qlab integration. Having a Vuo nodes Play Movie and just trigger them (send events) from Qlab via OSC or Midi with all postproduction in Vuo or sending video from Qlab via Syphon with all postproduction in Vuo?

Perhaps someone experienced using Vuo and QLab together could answer this better, but here are some factors to consider:

  • If you send the video through Syphon, as opposed to playing it directly in Vuo, there’s some overhead in terms of time and VRAM.
  • QLab and Vuo probably use different methods to decode videos, so one or the other might be more efficient at video playback. This might vary based on the video’s encoding and whether you’re playing the videos forward or reverse or what.
  • The video’s encoding can have a significant impact on playback performance. So that’s another thing you may want to look at, in addition to the question of whether to play it in QLab or Vuo.