Block empty list

The block empty list test isn’t behaving the way I would expect.
Most likely a misunderstanding on my part, please see supplied composition.
I would expect the final list to only have one item. (5.48 KB)

Hi Paul,
the composition runs as I would expect; I’m not sure what’s your issue with it. What do you mean by “the final list”? If you reference to the one that comes out from “Add to List” node, I’d solve in this way. Otherwise let me know waht’s the expected outcome.


I expected the output from the “Add to list” to only have one item, namely “testimage.jpg”.
But instead it has two, the first being empty.

Ok, I understood now. You issue is not in “Block empty list” but in “Add to List” - as it receive a List, it add an Item, wether or not values arrive ad Item input. So a possible solution to have just one out from that node is this.

emptylisttest.vuo (5.79 KB)