Build list seems to fire a lot more than expected


Finally got some time to sit down with Vuo again, but the old friend Build List seems to be acting up again - or it is behaving in a way I don’t understand.

Either way, this is what I get from the Build Item port:
Skjermbilde 2016-08-06 kl. 21.51.55.png

I would think that setting the node to fire once per second would result in a 100 times per second fire rate for the build item port, but as you can see, it is in the thousands. It was a bit difficult to capture, but it looks like it repeats.

Anyone have an explanation for this?

Build List fires events in a burst, as fast as possible (as fast as it gets them on its Built Item input port).

The event rate in the popover is an estimate based on the most recent 20 events. With the events fired in a burst, the average time between events is really small. So they can actually be firing at a rate of thousands per second, within that burst.

If the event rate varies too much to make a decent estimate, the popover shouldn’t show an estimate. For example, when I run the Display Movie Frames example composition, the popover initially shows an estimate like “229.2 per second” (based on the initial burst). If I re-fire the event, it hides the estimate (because of the time gap between bursts).

Does your composition consistently show an event rate in the thousands, even after multiple events into Build List : Fire? If so, could you post the composition?

Aha! Then I get it! I have a problem similar to one posted quite a long time ago related to Build Lists where I used an enqueue node with a get item from list as opposed to get first item in list node that caused incorrect behavior with multiple “particles”. This time I don’t use the enqueue node (but sub-comps) however, wondered if this could have something to do with it.