Clifford attractor

Implementing a chaotic attractor.
Clifford Attractors

clifford.vuo (6.92 KB)

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Very cool ! To a beginner like me, could you simply explain why in Vuo you’ve added 180* / pi in the formulas whereas on your website not ? Thanks

Different maths libraries use degrees and others use radians … well radians is by far more common but in this case the Vuo node uses degrees. Multiple an angle measured in radians by 180/pi converts it to degrees.

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Ah ok thanks a bunch !
Yeah thought about something in this direction could be the case so I used the Vuo “rad2deg” function but obviously I had made a mistake. So sin(rad2deg(a)*xn)+c*cos(rad2deg(a)*yn) works too.

Loved to copy+rotate the objects ;)

Anyway, amazing work Paul

Clifford - rad2deg.vuo (7.25 KB)

Clifford - Small Rotations.vuo (8.11 KB)

Clifford - Rotations.vuo (9.68 KB)

Clifford - Rotations + Color.vuo (12.8 KB)