Confusion about 'Hold Value' and composition updating

I’m finding that when i add the Hold Value node to the bad wiring example comp on Why is the output of Process List getting jumbled? and wire it that sometimes the composition Viewer doesn’t update to the new state of the composition. Removing the event wire to Hold seems to always update resulting in zero saturation on all spheres but adding the event cable again sometimes updates and sometimes doesn’t. I i fire a few events around the place and interact with Viewer window it eventually seems to get it without a restart. This inconsistency can be a bit disconcerting to a novice like me, you aren’t sure if you have wired correctly and it needs a restart or it’s an incorrect wiring. Know what i mean?

Assuming you mean the CompositionViewer does not update when it is on while you make changes to the comp, I’m in the habit of always stopping/starting rendering, just to make sure I’m seeing what I’m supposed to see in the Viewer. As we both know with all this event flow stuff, this is not QC…

I actually have a lot of issues with the viewer, crashy behavior, sometimes throwing errors (like the one giving the list of all third party modules, saying one might be bad, which isn’t true cuz I have yet to really need to delete any module), some comps requiring continuous force quits while trying stuff, cpu spikes… (At this point my messy newb creative process makes it too soon for anything like a bug report, and some of my issues might subside as I get to know event flow, esp. with help like Jaymie’s post you mention about event blocking in feedback loops.)

I know there’s a feature request to have the viewer behave more responsively, as well as @George_Toledo 's discussion to change the basic default behavior of firing on start, maybe related, generally speaking?

ProcessList-bad-better.vuo (4.57 KB)

Alastair, that sounds like Build List and Process List may stop firing during live coding (bug report).

@jersmi, whenever you do feel ready to write up bug reports, that would be helpful.