Console text input: How can I greet the user then display the user input

Hi - How can I greet the user in the console and then display the users input? Using a feedback loop overrides the hold value:

Here’s my attempt:



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I believe you’ll need a render comp window as well because Receive Keyboard Typing needs the window out from the renderer connected to its window input. Besides that, Select Latest would do the job to have something on screen then cursor + newest typing to Console.  


Thanks @jersmi. Yeah I’m trying to limit myself to using the console window so that I can improve my understanding of events and data thereby creating a minimal network (I guess I’m trying to develop a ‘best practices’ for Vuo). After playing around with the composition I made the following just now, which works but it seems a bit obfuscated with a counter and selector. I’m hoping to get a cleaner composition:


I can appreciate your pursuit of best practices, seems to never end, at least for me. I was wrong about needing the extra window, I guess that’s a best practices opportunity for moi.

Can’t get any simpler than this – starts with hello, then type in Console.

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 5.49.41 AM.png  


Breathing life into the Console. Thank you, Lionel Richie.


TypeToConsole.vuo (2.82 KB)

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@marcorexo1, here’s a simpler version of your composition —

console prompt.vuo (1.72 KB)

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Thanks @jstrecker I appreciate it!