Crash after running for ~30 seconds with Show Events enabled

Steps causing the bug to occur

  1. Open the attached composition.
  2. Within it, open the subcomposition.
  3. Run the composition.
  4. Enable Show Events in both the composition and subcomposition.
  5. Wait ~30 seconds.

Other notes

  • Vuo version: 2.0.0-beta4

Originally reported by jersmi on . I too got a crash on my first (and only so far) attempt.

Vuo_2020-01-29-114302_Serios-Jobb.crash (123 KB) (6.95 KB)

Couple things –

  1. The “lissajous” comp I am running that consistently crashes using Show Events does not include a subcomp.

  2. Seems to crash more if I turn on Show Events then do something in the editor. Seems to avoid crashes more if I engage Show Events, do nothing in the editor, then turn off Show Events and carry on with editing. (Though with this “let’s have a look at event flow then get back to work” approach, I might be avoiding the ~30 sec window where it would crash no matter what).  

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We made a change that probably fixed this in Vuo 2.0.3, so I’m going to mark this resolved, but let us know if you encounter the problem again.