Crashing Subcomposition

Hey all,
I have a subcomposition I made that consistently crashes the Composition Loader. It’s a pretty simple node that just generates a cube out of four separate planes, so I can manipulate their transforms individually. For some reason though, every time I try to run a composition containing it, the loader crashes.
Would others mind trying it and seeing if it runs for them? Also, if anyone has any tips for debugging, that’d be great.

Thanks so much,

Mechanica.makeCubeWithSeparateTransforms-2.vuo (21.6 KB)

It doesn’t hang for me.
Here is a modified version, loaded into another composition that displays the cube.
Maybe this one won’t crash for you either.

Cheers (7.72 KB)


No crash here, too.
Vuo beta 4 on 10.4.6

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Thank you both for testing it!

@Bodysoulspirit Hmm, okay. Modified version of the node works okay, although the default shader switches don’t seem to work now. What did you change?
Both the “draggable camera” node and the “render scene to window” nodes in your example composition didn’t match up to the versions in my library, and Vuo registered them as missing. Different versions of Vuo perhaps?

Also worth noting, I’m on Mac for whatever difference that makes.


Vuo is Mac only for now, Linux and Windows versions are still on the roadmap.

If you got errors for Render Scene and Draggable Camera it should mean you’re using Vuo 1.2.8, sorry, my uploaded version was for Vuo 2 beta.

Although I get no crash using your composition both in Vuo 1.2.8 or Vuo 2, I couldn’t get the shader to work in Vuo 1.2.8 by quick testing. Going to work now, will check it later again, but even when you set a shader on the parent node, and feed a shader into the sub-composition for one of the cube sides, for me the sub-composition still says “no shader”.
In Vuo 2, how the events flow through sub-compositions have changed, and there it works.

I switched the true / false input selector though in the sub-composition, as I understand you wanted to display a wireframe shader if no other shader is provided ? (see screenshot, all sides except front has color shader, front has wireframe)

Will check later

Oh right! I was a little confused by mic’s comment I guess. OS X 10.4.6 was quite a while ago!

Okay, that makes sense. I just went ahead and upgraded to Pro and the beta, so hopefully I’ll have better luck now. Thanks so much again for the help!

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Sorry, i meant 10.14.6.

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Aaaahh haha! That makes waaaay more sense!

Okay, that makes sense. I just went ahead and upgraded to Pro and the beta, so hopefully I’ll have better luck now.

Ah cool ;) In Vuo 2, sub-compositions don’t need to be installed strictly in the Vuo Application Support library, they can for example be shared alongside a composition, like I did, in a modules folder next to the composition (you can still install those if you wanna use it across several compositions).

And in Vuo 1, the whole sub-composition was updated when any port was updated, in Vuo 2 not the case anymore, ports get updated individually.

So, it looks like the crash was being caused by the chain of “add” nodes. The first was being triggered by the “fire on start” and then passing the event on to the next add block. I guess that was unnecessary, but for whatever reason it was making it crash. Anyway glad to have found the culprit.