Cycle through list to display numbers from text file


Complete beginner here, so apologies if this is obvious! I am trying to achieve the following:

I have a series of (600) numbers saved in a text file that I want to use to control visual aspects of a 3D object. The problem I’m having is finding a way to count through the numbers sequentially and output them as real amount to the correct nodes. Currently I have “Read Text File → Split Text ->Cycle Through List->Curve” but this is not getting the required results. I don’t seem to be able to find a way to split the numbers from the text file up and then have them output one after another.

Thanks for any help.

Hi ;)

2 things, you have connected the split text to a drawer of the Cycle through list node and that has added an auto collapsed node First Item so you only are retrieving the first Item so you cannot cycle through them. Connect the list to the main port right to the drawer instead.

Then instead of connecting the Fire Periodically to the node start triangle port, connect it to the 'Go Forward` port.

That way it should work.

PS : Jaymie, I added a comment again instead of an answer, sorry.