Deploy compositions as Adobe plugins

Use Vuo compositions in After Effects and Premiere.

How is this different to export as FXPlugins?

Different plugin type for different apps. Deploy compositions as FxPlug plugins would enable compositions to run in Final Cut Pro, whereas Adobe plugins run in After Effects and Premiere.

In terms of implementation, it means implementing different APIs and producing different kinds of packaged-up files.

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I really think this FR would expand the Vuo community!


Yes, it would be great!

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In a way this is more interesting to me than the FXPlugin, as a Adobe CC licence holder to all their creative apps.

I’m wondering if there are synergies in producing both the FX and Adobe CC plugins concurrently as opposed to one plug-in versus the the other. i.e 1.5x the dev time it would take to produce just one of them? If so I think do both, both will really extend the viability of Vuo as a commercial product going forward, I think. It gets us into the mainstream of Video Effects market. Although we won’t be able to author sophisticated GUIs for Motion/AE just from inside Vuo I don’t imagine, we will be able to bring unique offerings into robust markets.

as someone who develops (for FxPlug and Adobe) I want my Adobe creations to be deployable on Windows OS as well as Mac OS - obviously FxPlug is fine limited to Mac only : )


Does this format have a name? (like FXPlugin is name for FCP/Motion plugins)

For visual FX for the video apps (Premiere Pro and After Effects) most people these days use the After Effects API (which is also generally readable by Premiere although some features are specific to AE) ;

and I believe the Premiere plugin API is still supported (from before Premiere could use AE plugins) and that is probably required for certain things like single track transitions  

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