Documentation for v1.0.0 for Examples for vuo.mesh and vuo.motion return broken links.

Steps causing the bug to occur

When trying to access Examples for the vuo.mesh and vuo.motion nodes, the browser returns this error message “Safari can’t open the specified address.” A similar message is produced by Firefox.

How did the result differ from what you expected?


Hi, @newdendrite. I just tried visiting and clicking on “Spin Shell”, in Firefox 34.0, Chrome 40.0, and Safari 8.0.2. It’s working for me in all 3 browsers — it launches Vuo Editor and opens the example composition.

If you follow those same steps, do you get the “can’t open the specified address” message? Are there different steps you’re using that produce that message? If you could attach a screenshot or screencast (you can record using QuickTime Player > File > New Screen Recording), that could help us figure out what’s going on.

By the way — in the meantime, you can access the example compositions by launching Vuo Editor, then going to File > Open Example > vuo.mesh > Spin Shell, and so on.

We haven’t heard back; I’m tentatively marking this bug report abandoned.