Draggable Camera Middle Move for Magic Mouse & Trackpad

I might be doing something wrong but how to use the “Make Draggable Camera” middle click for the Apple Magic Mouse or the trackpad ?

I mean, how to go upward or downward the scene ? I even tried to download some third-parts apps to add some functionalities to the mouse or trackpad but it doesn’t seem to work …


Currently Make Draggable Camera requires a physical middle button (specifically, something that generates NSEvents matching NSOtherMouseDraggedMask). We don’t currently have an alternative for mice/trackpads that lack a physical middle button.

I converted this discussion to a feature request and opened it for voting.

@smokris ok thanks …

Yeah all the other functions are available, but move up/right/left/down is lacking.

And as middle mouse buttons almost have completely disappeared for Macs, I think there are a lot of users unable to use that function.

Perhaps just the need to hold a specific key when scrolling or dragging would make it …

For example

   Scroll : Zoom In/Out.
   Right Click Drag : Same as actual.
   Left Click Drag : Same as actual (move around spherically).

   Command + Click Left drag : Move up, down, left, right ...

I know Vuo 1.2 will include the HID node from Paul Bourke’s request, didn’t really understand what that request was about, but I was wondering if that would improve something concerning this draggeable camera …

@bodysoulspirit, yes, I’m thinking we’d add a keyboard-mouse combination to enable Make Draggable Camera to move through the scene without needing a physical middle button.

USB HID will enable Vuo to receive data from more USB devices (e.g., game controllers, SpaceNavigator), but it won’t affect support for existing devices like mouse/trackpad.

@smokris ok got it, thanks

that sounds good. can i suggest that a 3D application like [Modo][1] has a very slick set of keyboard shortcuts and mouse/stylus/trackpad combinations that makes reorienting the camera very easy once you learn it.

[1]: Modo | Creative 3D modeling, animation, texturing and rendering tools