erratic trackpad

having erratic trackpad movements and random zooming in the editor.

On my system prefs I have the configuration set with no gestures enable; no on everything, particularly zooming. Not seeing this on non vuo software.

Notice it mainly if I am moving the index finger and my thumb happens to touch the trackpad.
If I intentionally try to do a two finger zoom pinch (even though disabled in system prefs) vuo will zoom into the nodes, but cannot zoom out. At some point I am so lost in the network I have to use the editor zoom out button to recover.

MacBook M1, current OS.

any ideas?

about to write a bug report on this.

My next test is to use a usb mouse, avoid the trackpad. Loosing 50 percent of my time navigating this problem.  

if switching to a mouse solves the problem for you, great. But if you still need to use the trackpad, you can disable pinch-zooming within Vuo editor with these steps:

  • Open
  • Paste this command into the Terminal window:
    • defaults write org.vuo.Editor canvas.ignorePinchesSmallerThanX 1000
  • Press the Return key.
  • Relaunch Vuo.


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Vuo 2.4.3 now respects the System Settings > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom > Zoom in or out setting.