Error: Check for overwide node(s)

Can anyone tell me where this error comes from and what I could do about it?

[1946.937s]          Vuo:Vuo          [ 7702:70000bcf]  VuoCompilerGraphvizP:182   VuoCompilerGraphvizParser_error(  Error: Edge length 70147.000000 larger than maximum 65535 allowed.
Check for overwide node(s).

Thank you in advance

Hi, Joost. Are you running into a problem, or you just saw the error message in the logs and were wondering what it means?

That error message comes from the Graphviz library, which is used for reading and storing compositions in .vuo files. I have not seen it before, but I would guess that it’s harmless unless it’s preventing you from opening or saving a composition.