exif style meta data

It would be “nice” if there was a way to read and write metadata (exif) to images and/or movies.
If there a work around to do this within Vuo?

There is a workaround. You could first use Save Image to create the image file, then use Execute Shell Command to invoke a command-line utility to add the tags to that image file.

save-exif.vuo (3.01 KB)

We’ve opened this for voting.

This would be handy. I am using stable diffusion (SD, a txt to image based cmd line utility) and built a small GUI around it with Vuo. Currently if I want to copy a prompt to recreate a variation or an upscaled version of the image, i can copy the prompt from the file name. However, it is only max 255 characters long. The prompt is saved by SD to the exif info. However, reading cannot be done since shell cannot access home folder. I originally went over this in order to get the vuo and SD working together by creating a small shell script as an app, but for this purpose I feel this is a bit overkill. It is something I can live without, a nice to have thing.