Export Vuo compositions as Quartz Composer compositions

Many host apps support playing Quartz Composer compositions, but don’t (yet) support playing Vuo compositions.

The developer of each app needs to either add support for Vuo compositions themself, or provide a plugin API which Team Vuo can use. We’ve been in communication with several app developers about this. In the meantime, we could implement a workaround:

  • Make a QC plugin that plays back Vuo compositions that adhere to the Image Filter or Image Generator protocol (similar to QC’s “Composition Importer” patch)
  • Add a Vuo Editor menu item that creates a QC composition that wraps the Vuo composition, including published ports

The exported QC compositions would then appear inside apps that support QC Image Filter or Image Generator compositions. It wouldn’t be as quick or easy as if the host app natively supported playing Vuo compositions (which we still think is the best long-term solution), but it would be more capable than using Syphon since it would expose your Vuo composition’s published input ports.

I am a heavy user of QLab3 (and teach it in my production classes). As stated, the long-term solution would be for QLab to natively support Vuo. But in the short-term, this would be a step in the right direction! In the past I have used QC with QLab3, but I’m finding Vuo a huge improvement in both ease of use and the quality of graphics generated. Bringing these two awesome software programs together just makes good sense! Cheers.

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Quartz Composer is deprecated as of macOS 10.15, so we’re closing this feature request. We’ve refunded your votes so you can use them on other feature requests.

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