Export Vuo file in format for use in Augmented Reality

Would it ever be possible to export a Vuo file that uses 3D nodes as a FBX for export and use in AR? I know this is a far out question but curious if something like this would ever be possible?

Which application do you want to export it to?

A lot of info on implementing it for Blender here: https://code.blender.org/2013/08/fbx-binary-file-format-specification/ (comments are very useful), and a derived C++ library with an MIT license for exporting/saving to FBX here: https://github.com/jskorepa/fbx/tree/master

Thanks for the links, will read through! I want to upload a FBX into an app called SuperWorld which has a AR layer mapped on top of Google Maps. I’d be uploading a 3D object for them to add into their app and the format they require is FBX. So I was wondering if there was anyway I could basically export a Vuo file into that format with the textures etc.

There’s a open FR: Export 3D Mesh. You could either add your request to support FBX files there, or open a new feature request.

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Thanks @jmcc - I’ve done that :)