Extend image filters to support spherical mapping

This feature request is for versions of existing filters (or future filters) that need to be tailored to a spherical co-ordinate space.

Filters that would need to be specialised for spherical co-ordinate spaces are spacial filters, such as (please note, some of these filters are not implemented in Vuo yet- but are given as an example):

  • Blur
  • Edge Detect
  • Sharpen
  • RGB Offset

Filters that would not need adjustment would predominantly be color filters, as they do not effect surrounding pixels- only color information:

  • Invert Color
  • Posterise Color
  • Color Correction

Without such tailoring effects applied to Spherical images would be incorrect at both the equator and poles. This is a really exciting area for Vuo to be involved in as 360ยบ video is getting quite a following- and there are very few tools available for editing and compositing video together.

Opened for voting.