FCPX Transition - Error in Compressor

I’m just starting out with Vuo and FCPX transitions. I made a simple transition. It previews in Vuo and FCPX perfectly, but when I try to render with Compressor, I get an error, “Failed: Error: RenderFrameAt returned: 4 for absolute frame: 996” Frame 996 is the beginning of the Vuo-made transition.

Things I’ve tried:

  • I built the transition twice from templates using the Protocol → image transition and the FxPlug → transition templates.

  • Open the transition in Motion

  • it generates an error about two missing media items (they are each half of the transition - seem to represent the start and ending clips?

  • Saved the transition, it removes the missing item references

  • The transition behaves the same in FCPX afterwards, but generates the same error in Compressor

  • Render directly from FCPX: this works for both transitions; the original Vuo one and the one resaved in Motion.

I export through Compressor regularly to generate the file types I need, so I’d like to be able to make this work. I tried multiple H.264 formats which all generated the same error.

I’m attaching my Vuo composition for reference.

Thanks for any help,

OS 10.15.7
FCPX 10.5.2
Compressor 4.5.2
Motion 5.5.1

FCPX Bulge Transition.vuo (7.62 KB)

Have you tried exporting direct from FCP X (as a test) and then using Handbrake to compress (as a workaround)? Is Compressor still supported by Apple, I thought they killed it off?

Yes, I confirmed that that works in my post, but Compressor is quicker to send jobs to, more flexible and lets me queue a bunch of jobs. I would much prefer to only run it through Compressor once instead of FCPX and then Handbrake again.

Compressor is still being updated.

Oh ok then. Yeah I used to have compressor as part of my work flow. I use Premier these days and Media Encoder isn’t good at compression for online video so I’m stuck with Handbrake for now.

Good luck, you’d think Compressor would have the same render engine as the other two Apple video apps, maybe log a bug on Radar and even ring and ask for a senior engineer.