FFGL file naming / renaming (don't)


I noticed on FFGL exports the file name is changed to Title + spaces also if you rename the file it breaks the plugin.

Example file export name change:
changes to
Vuo Line Strip Object.bundle

This is fine I can work with that but if I were to change the file name after exporting to add a version number this breaks the plugin as the exported file name is included in the package (bundle) info.plist.

To help new users it might be an idea to add a warning on the Export Complete dialogue box.

Hmm, we would have expected renaming to work. That’s the reason we’re storing the original name in the Info.plist. Our understanding is that applications that load plugins are supposed to look in the Info.plist for the original name, to handle the case where the plugin has been renamed. Yet neither Resolume nor VDMX seems to be doing that. We’ve contacted the Resolume developers to see what they recommend, and will let you know if we learn anything.

As you probably already figured out, the workaround, if you want to rename an FFGL plugin, is to change either the Vuo composition’s file name or the Name field in Edit > Composition Information…. and re-export.