Get ready for Vuo 2.0 — free for personal use and small organizations


Whouhouuu thrilled ! Can’t wait !
So happy also about the node redesign ! Can’t wait to play with them !
And can’t wait to test the new features.

I will pay an amount for the upgrade even though I have 1.2 pro, huge release !

Congrats to the team  


Such exciting news Vuo team! So looking forward to this release and the beta version coming up. Awesome!!!

I really hope the new pricing structure draws more people to commit to this great product. I already have a hard-core PC co-worker thinking about getting a Mac just to be able to play with Vuo, maybe this will tip him over the edge! :)

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Great work, the new design is beautiful, and I can’t wait to play with the user interface (UI) node set. :)

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Great news & congrats for all the hard work!
But, will the GPU Intel iris issue be solved?
I have read on your last post that you would be upgrading from OpenGL to Metal.
Would that be implemented on this upgrade as it have been many months I am unable to use Vuo on my laptop.
Thank you!  

@kokot, thanks for the congrats and sorry for the bug. I’ll follow up on the bug report.

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Congrats Team Vuo! Looking forward to the release.

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Muy interesante, estaré pendiente de poder probar vuo 2.0 Muchas gracias.

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Hello, I discovered Vuo two days ago and I like it so much. I’m still using the trial version to see if it is the app I’m looking for. With the new versions announced and the CE edition, why don’t you unlock the trial version which is almost the same. thanks and greetings from Belgium

Chris, I discussed your suggestion with the team. While I totally understand not wanting to spend money on something that’s going to be free soon, it would take us some time and possibly even a new release to unlock the trial version. We think it would be better to focus on getting the 2.0 beta release out instead.

Hello Jaymie, thank you for your answer.I understand Vuo’s choice. Of course working with the beta 2.0 is an option but I don’t know how to get it and I’m probably not the good user for reporting some bugs (I’m new with this type of app.) I’m a sound engineer and musician and I’m mainly focused for now on what I call the interfaces (the outside world ,midi, audio, controllers, osc, …) creating visuals will come later. Thank you

When the Vuo 2.0 beta is released, I think you’ll be able to download and install it just like a regular Vuo version. We’ll make another mailing list / blog post when it’s ready. I hope you’ll try it since we’d especially like to hear from people like you who have not used similar apps before. During beta testing, we mainly just want folks to use Vuo like they normally would and see if they run into any problems or anything confusing.

Just upgraded my Vuo standard to Vuo Pro, looking forward to the 2.0 beta!

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Have you considered ISF support ? Shader nodes with input ports that enabled control of the shader would seam like a powerful addition to vuo.

@howie ISF is chosen to be implemented in Vuo 2.0 ;), see feature request Import shaders in VIDVOX’s Interactive Shader Format (ISF)


Hi - just noticed that v2.0 comps don’t work with CogeVJ (they freeze it). Luckily I still have Vuo 1.2 - will it still be supported?

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Koori boy (MickosFinn),

We’ve been in contact with CoGe VJ about the changes to Vuo 2.0. We don’t know whether Vuo 2.0 support will be included in a future CoGe VJ 1.x release, or in a future CoGe VJ 2.x release.