Get web URL into a composition ui?

I made a feature request in 2014 to be able to get a UI text field node for user entry of strings in a composition’s ui. Is there any progress on this or is there a way to paste a copied string into a composition?

I don’t know of a way at this time to paste text into a composition.

We’ve made progress on implementing User interface (UI) node set and will include it in the Vuo 1.3 release.

A possible workaround would be to paste the text into a file in TextEdit, then drag that file onto the composition.


FetchDataFromDraggedFile.vuo (2.68 KB)

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Great to hear UI nodes are coming with 1.3, any idea of when that might happen? I’ve got a few projects that need UI elements that I’ve had to leave in limbo until this was released.

@bLackburst, we don’t have a release date yet.

6 years on, is there still no way to enter strings into a ui?

Discussion continued on the feature request for the UI node set.