Getting Started — Part 1

Downloading, installing, and activating the Vuo editor

  1. Hey I’m Travis with team Vuo and this is a getting started video series geared toward getting you creating with Vuo right away no matter what your experience level is. Each video is designed to introduce a handful of new concepts and build on previous learning.

  2. We’ll begin by downloading the Vuo application, called the Vuo editor, then installing it and activating the license on your computer. To download Vuo, we’ll go to the download page, which is accessed via the “Free Trial” button or the download tab. As it explains here, if you’ve already purchased Vuo or you’re using the free trial for the first time, the download method will be the same. Please note that this page is also where you can access the Vuo manual, release notes about this specific release, as well as Vuo’s built-in example compositions. If you’ve purchased a copy of Vuo and log in, you will also be able to download the SDK and the source code from this page .

  3. I’m using the Safari web browser and when I click download, Safari will automatically download Vuo and unzip the zip file. For good measure, I’ll go ahead and drag the icon to the dock on my desktop and I’ll also drag Vuo into my applications folder. Now that Vuo is where I can easily access it, I’ll open it up.

  4. Since it’s my first time using Vuo on a new system, I’ll be prompted to activate my license, or use the trial version. If you’re going to use the trial version, you’ll be able try out the basic version of Vuo for free, you just won’t be able to save any of your work. I’ll choose to activate and Vuo will automatically take us back to and activate itself.

  5. If you’re using a different browser, or the activation doesn’t happen automatically, you can follow the steps here to do it manually.

  6. And here we’ll see the “Welcome to Vuo” Page. This is what you’ll see, if you keep this little box checked, whenever you select to open the Vuo editor application. Check out our next video for an introduction to the Vuo editor.