Help needed... Custom User Node issues and Vuo locking system.

OK, I am in need of some help here. I have been struggling to try and get a composition (due in a month) for a major event working and things I thought were working are all falling apart.

The original composition is far to large to post (due to the video files). I’ve been having problems with the composition suddenly and completely locking up my MacPro and I’m forced to reboot, mouse works but I can’t click anything even after a 1/2hr. I can’t figure out what’s doing it. I have an older version that has this part working and I can’t find the difference that’s making this newer version lock up like that. CPU and RAM usage are fine. Basically I’m just frustrated and stressed that this isn’t going to get done… and it HAS to get done.

Also in an attempt to try a different approach I decided to try breaking my composition apart by saving parts to the User Node Library to simplify my main composition. I had finally gotten the GUI part working and now suddenly it’s not and I don’t think I changed anything. Basically it runs fine fine when I open the “(Loyalist )ConvocationGUI.vuo” file but when I add it as a custom user node to another composition the output sometime comes as completely blank and other times it renders fine!

Also the “(Loyalist )16ChVideoSwitcherWith3360x1080Output” doesn’t switch and I’m fairly certain it’s the exact same setup as the other composition where this part was working. Can someone have a look and figure out what I’m doing wrong? I have a few images connected to the sources and it should be switching between them.

LC Convocation VUO Master (4.37 MB)

Is your Mac Pro a 2013 Mac Pro, with dual AMD video cards?

I also have a 2013 Mac Pro that froze/hanged with one of my Vuo composition. The Console application data seemed to indicate the AMD GPU as the culprit. I relayed the info to @jstrecker who confirmed that there are indeed issues with the AMD GPUs, but the issues are being fixed for the Vuo 1.2.6 release. The Vuo development team tested my composition and it didn’t hang the Mac Pro anymore.

@jstrecker, maybe we’re due for a new 1.2.6 alpha or beta?

Thanks for responding.

Yes it is a 2013 MacPro with D500 GPU. I am currently testing the 1.2.6 build 4 Beta for this project to test the new XML nodes (I left that part out of my attachment as it appears to be working very well and others wouldn’t be able to load those nodes yet). I’m not sure if this build contains the AMD fixes or not… @jstrecker???

If there is a fix I’m really hoping it arrives very soon.  

Do you have the option to use a computer with a different GPU? We have a fix for the AMD GPU issues (or to be more precise, a workaround for Apple’s driver issue, ugh) coming in Vuo 1.2.6, which we expect to release in 3-4 weeks. (Bug report: X4000 graphics driver crashes)

Also the “(Loyalist )16ChVideoSwitcherWith3360x1080Output” doesn’t switch

That probably has to do with the events flowing into the Select Latest nodes. Remember when it’s a subcomposition the events come in through all published input cables. The Select Latest node is not going to get an event just from, say, the Take 3 input, it’s going to get an event from all of the Take inputs (unfortunately — related feature request: Change subcomposition event behavior).

OK, thanks for the reminder on how events are behaving… I overlooked that. Because of the number of I/O ports I need for the composition the Mac Pro is my only solution however my Manager managed to secure me an older MacBook Pro that works with my older QC project, I’m updating that on the side now as my backup plan for this event. I’m hoping to get the VUO comp working though if I can still but I’m getting lock ups and haven’t been able to identify fuller were they are coming from yet. It seems to be related to the live camera feed and the video file playback nodes being in the same composition because individually they are running fine.