How can I copy a GLSL Shader from a Quartz Composer patch into Vuo?

Forgive me, I am not well versed with how GLSL Fragment Shaders work. I would like to port some patches that take advantage of GLSL, into Vuo.
In Quartz Composer there is a section for Vertex Shaders and Fragment Shaders.
The Vuo node “Make Image with Shadertoy” only has input for Fragment Shaders.
I would think it would be a simple copy/paste but I’m not sure where to enter the ‘Vertex Shader’ data? I’ve attached one of the examples I’m trying to move into Vuo

Example.rtf (2.82 KB)

Hi, @metaphicker.

In this case, your shader’s Vertex Shader isn’t doing anything substantial — it just projects the vertex position, and passes through the vertex color and texture coordinate. Since Shadertoy shaders have a fixed Vertex Shader, and all the interesting stuff happens in the Fragment Shader, this is a good candidate to use Vuo’s Make Image with Shadertoy node.

I’ve attached a composition that embeds this shader. Basically, I took the Fragment Shader code you posted, and changed the variable names to match those that Shadertoy uses. There are 4 variables — a,b,e,d — whose values I wasn’t sure of, so I just set them all to 1, and it produces a strobing gradient.

shader.vuo (2.37 KB)