How can I make a texture repeat itself over the edges for GLSL shader

I’ve been messing with some GLSL shaders from shadertoy and I had some success with making some of them work as Vuo nodes. The problem is that the input texture is not repeating itself over its edges for example in this shader.

Is there some simple thing I could do to make that work?

The texture gets cut-off on the left side on this image

Hello mnstri,
sorry for the newbie question, still climbing the learning curve, but i am very interested in being able to use shader toy shaders in Vuo. Did you make a custom node? how did you assign the shader. I am working on some interactive things using the leap and these quality shaders would be most useful. Any onto you can provide would be most helpful


You need to make a custom node.

Follow instructions here on how to create GLSL nodes.

For the shader above, you need to do something like this. I’m not really very experienced in GLSL stuff or in making Vuo nodes, so I might be doing something wrong here, but it worked.

Hope that helps.

@mnstri: In Vuo 0.6.0, we added a Change Wrap Mode node, which allows you to select between no wrapping (the default), clamp edges, repeat, and mirrored repeat.