How to create a solid 3d object from 3d points?


I’m trying to make a flat triangle object, then move it’s 3 points separately using waves.

I’ve spent some times looking and didn’t find any node capable of creating 3d object from 3d points. There are line and point mesh nodes, but how to make a solid 3d plane mesh?

Several ways to accomplish this —

A simple way, if you don’t need exact control over the individual points, would be to use Make Triangle and Ripple 3D Object (Triangle-Ripple.vuo). Changing the Dispersion and Displacement port values would give you different kinds of wavy motion.

A mathy way would be to use Make Parametric Grid Mesh (Triangle-Parametric.vuo). In this composition the Z Expression makes the waviness. The triangle could be moved/rotated/scaled using the Transform port of Make 3D Object.

A way that would allow you to input the 3 points individually would be the Parabox Make Mesh with Values node. This is a separate download. See the instructions on that page for installing. (This and other community-created nodes are listed in the Node Gallery.)

Triangle-Ripple.vuo (2.04 KB)

Triangle-Parametric.vuo (2.57 KB)

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Thanks for a great reply @jstrecker.

I was thinking about manipulating basic triangle object - those actually look better than I expected.

I’ve installed Make Mesh with Values node, but I’m unable to get anything to display. Documentation says that Positions and Elements are required. I’ve connected my 3d points to Points list and tried to set different combinations of integers for Elements list, but it displays nothing or it crashes the app. What should Elements be set to?

Hey @marcin, it looks like there’s a bug in the node. I’m looking at it now and will try to get it addressed asap.

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