How to use Fetch Images with Image Generator protocol?

Hi, how would you set it up for the Image Generater protocol please? I cannot output it to Output image. Im trying through Make Image layer but it doesnt let me. Thank you for any tips

Is this what you’re looking for?

FetchImages-ImageGenerator.vuo (4.4 KB)

Hi, thanks for the reply but not exactly. I wanted to keep the same action as in the ChooseImageEfficiently file. I have a folder, so just wanted the images to be displayed one after another and with Fire periodically or Allow periodic events for the Image generator control the interval how fast they are being displayed.
I had a similar set up, but was missing Arrange in grid node but when I try to connect directly from Process list to Render layers it says ‘Keep input port as image’ but not highlighted so I cannot connect it.
Im missing out something

Hi, I have made this but when played from vdmx its still has a delay loading it all up. Would there be any other more efficient way how to shoot it? thanks

It depends on where the delay is happening for your particular set of image files. I would guess Fetch Image, or if not that then List Files. This composition would tell you if the delay is due to Fetch ImageFetchImages-CountFrames.vuo (5.8 KB)

If you see it counting up with each image, that shows how many frames it takes to load the image. If it just shows 0, then images are being loaded immediately. The composition also demonstrates one possible solution, which is to use Spin Off Event to fetch images in the background. Or it might help to reduce the size of your image files.

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Ok, thank you, it stays on 0, so its good, I didnt know about the Spin off, will use it now.
Just one question, using Make random Value with seed, it will always go through all the images in the folder?
Or as its random, can it for example display image Nº 13 twice and image Nº 21 will not be shown?

Make Random Value with Seed will pick a random number between Minimum and Maximum each time without keeping track of any history, so yes, it could pick number 13 twice before it picks number 21. (Same is true for Make Random Value without seed.)

If you want to make sure you go through all images once before you start to repeat, you can use Shuffle List.
FetchImages-ShuffleList.vuo (4.5 KB)

Ok, this is even better! With chaos set to 0 I can output all the blender animations directly as they are numbered chronologically and chaos at 1 makes it all random. This is very helpfull, thanks a lot.