I want to make a composition that takes a folder of thumbnail images and makes a film strip image from them

In QC I would do one of two things, either
a) inside an iterator load individual images from a structure and increment the X-offset so they run from off-screen left to off-screen right using a billboard patch inside the iterator macro ( with a set amount of offsetting for transparent space between the thumbnails).
b) using a JS patch or in an iterator to control a loop to add single images to a collective image making a horizontal row of thumbnails with space between them into a single image.

How would I go about doing this in Vuo. Should I just wait for a iterator node in Vuo or are there other ways?

Perhaps I need a Transform Image patch to offset the origin point relative to image so that when I use the Blend Images node I can place one beside the other with space between.

Here is a link to a QT movie explaining the concept visually.

I’m thinking this may involve Transform nodes to offset the two images?

You could accomplish this using layers. Here’s an example composition showing one way to do it. I use three layers (one to set spacing, one to draw a background, and one to display the image), combine them to a single layer. I build a list of images using this technique, then feed it into the Arrange Layers into Grid node with rows set to 1 and columns set to the image count.  

film-strip.vuo (6.45 KB)