Image generator protocol with play movie node / VDMX

Hello everyone!

I made a Vuo composition with image generator protocol to play some movie files with sound inside VDMX. When I run the composition with Vuo it works perfectly. But the same composition does not play inside VDMX, (neither sound nor image). The only way it worked out was when I export the composition as Mac App and play it with VDMX. Is there a specific workflow or process that I am missing?

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Here is the Vuo composition: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life


We’ve found an issue where Vuo’s image generator protocols need to use the image width and height input ports when outputting an image or movie in VDMX.
I added a Resize Image after the Play Movie node to take each movie frame and resize it using the width and height data from the image generator inputs. The resized image output cable then goes to the image generator outputImage port. This allowed the movie to play within VDMX.

We’ve fixed this issue in the current version of Vuo, but VIDVOX needs to update VDMX to Vuo’s current version in their framework first. For now, using Resize Image will avoid the issue. Also, no need to use both an Allow First Event and Fire on Start. The Allow First Event is sufficient.

movie_vdmx2.vuo (2.26 KB)

Hi again,

I just made a quick check and it works perfectly as a Vuo comp, but it does not work inside VDMX.
I keep the original video file and the Vuo comp inside a folder on my desktop. And I drag the folder inside my media bin in VDMX.
Sent you a screenshot of the Vuo composition.

Thank you very much for your reply!

I’m not sure why it is not working for you. Does it work if you drag just the composition in? If so, and you want to be able to change the URL within VDMX, you can set that up by adding a URL published port that VDMX will see. You can then change that within VDMX. See the attached.

movie_vdmx4.vuo (2.32 KB)