Importing artwork from Illustrator (looking for a Kineme PDF Importer patch functionality)

What methods do people use for getting artwork from Illustrator into Vuo.

I want to bring in some type matched to existing artwork in an AI file. So exporting 18 characters as seperate PNGs is boring. I could do something in Vuo to take the sentence, split into a list of chars, make scene objects of each and animate the motion paths and colour/opacity I guess, and use a placed image to set starting positions.

Only reason I’m not doing in Adobe AE is I don’t know how to chase the colours on the chars in AE and thought I could learn some more Vuo and have it more parametric, would be easy in QC, output multipage AI file to multipage PDF —> Kineme PDF Importer. But Kineme Quartz Crystal showing it’s age, it’s built=in motion blur crashes it on my system.

Suggestions, tutorials welcome.

This kinda thing: