Increment a prize based on time

Hi all. Anyone got any starter script ideas for a counter that would increment slowly over the day by a set amount based on time ?

So…i’d like to be able to display a counter adding £50 a day to a prize total over the course of a day. I’d like to do it based on time so that it checks on start up where it is in the day and updates accordingly, so if it off, crashes, it doesnt make a difference.

Hope that makes sense

Hi. here is a possible solution. You have to instantiate “Start Date” to the starting date; actually calcualtes from 1/1/2023. Beware that if yoor counter lasts more than one month, actually the assumption is that each month is 30 days, that obviously is not correct, but it’s a quick start.
Win50perday.vuo (3.3 KB)