Interesting one about parametric meshes

The other day I stumbled across these great images (attached). Each image is of a really beautiful intricate object and in the top left corner they seem to have the parametric equation associated to each object.

My question is, Is it possible to recreate these structures using the Make Parametric Grid Mesh node?
If so would it then be possible to assign custom inputs to the parameters?

I see a really beautiful audio reactive sculpture set being generated from this if its possible. Any help welcomed.

The Lorenz Attractor is a set of differential equations, which is about one college math course beyond the equations that Vuo’s parametric nodes handle :)

@pbourke has shared an algorithm for simulating the Lorenz Attractor — — which perhaps you could implement in a custom Vuo node or using Build List.

If you’d like to make a feature request for a differential equation solver node, to enable drawing strange attractors natively in Vuo, feel free.

would it then be possible to assign custom inputs to the parameters?

Currently Make Parametric Grid Mesh gives you one expression input to work with, Time. (Which you can use to represent anything, not necessarily time, but that’s what it’s called.) With additional/custom inputs, you’d be able to make more different kinds of meshes, so yeah, again, feel free to create a feature request.