is it possible to convert "scene object" to "3d distribution"?


is it possible to convert a “fetch scene”'s out put(scene object) to “3d distribution” data type, so it can be connected to nodes like “make random points object”?

maybe i’m thinking the problem in a wrong way, all i want to do is make random points which distribute to a 3d model which is loaded from hard disk. currently the “make random points object” 's distribution input only accept 4 values: cube surface, cube volumn, sphere surface, sphere column.

thanks for any help!


If I understand what you want, right now you need to install Karl Henkel’s custom nodes (Karl Henkel Parabox Nodes Github) and use the “Get Mesh Values” node, that you connect to a Make Point Mesh node like this :

2018-04-18 18.04.03.png

Or download and install Smokri’s custom nodes (Smokris Nodes Github) and use the Reinterpret 3D Object node set to type 5 and shade the points like this (here done with an icosphere) :

2018-04-18 17.58.49.png

The feature request to vote on to have this as stock nodes is here : Get Mesh / Object Vertices (Points / Positions)
PS : To install a node, download it and put the .vuonode in the User Module Folder that you access in the menu bar under “Tools” and than restart Vuo.

Capture d’écran 2018-04-18 à 18.18.52.png  

Get Mesh Values.vuo (3.19 KB)

Reinterpret 3D Object.vuo (3.15 KB)


It works!
Thanks @Bodysoulspirit it’s a really detailed reply!

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