Is there any way to smoothly change the speed of the Wave node?

I’m trying to recreate some of my QC projects in Vuo to see what kind of features I would really need in Vuo to make it useful for me. One of the problems I ran into was this. Is there any way to change the speed of an LFO smoothly in real-time?

I attached a Quartz Composer example of how I do it there. Obviously there is no Integrator node in Vuo, but I was wondering if there is some way to currently do this that I’m not getting.

Why is this useful? I want to have some nice automated animations using the Wave node, but I would like to smoothly change the speed of the movement. (1.83 KB)

After reading this I realized what the integrator in QC actually does. So I was able to almost recreate it in Vuo using the Count node. At least close enough.

The only thing missing is the actual frame rate, which is not possible to get as far as I know(?) I just used a static value of 1/60 second.  

And here is the Vuo composition. Pretty much the same thing as the QC file above.

SmoothWaveSpeed.vuo (3.68 KB)

Or I could have just done the obvious and control the period of the wave…

Works just fine and smoothly. No skipping around. There is even an example that comes with Vuo that shows how to do this.

Don’t mind me. I’ll show myself out.  

:^] Yes, Vuo’s Make Wave node produces continuous output if the time input is continuous — allowing you to seamlessly change the waveform and period.

Old post but why not add the fact that @Vjsatoshi recently uploaded some “Change Speed” node and it’s downloadeable here : Change Speed by VJSatoshi

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